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At Pressure Washing Clean, we will take care of your pressure washing needs. Whether it's pressure cleaning your: house, deck, carport, driveway, etc, we'll get it clean and looking almost new once again.

If you've lived in your home for a couple of years, you've probably noticed that the siding, brick, driveways, etc., start getting discolored turning gray maybe almost even black. The reason this is happening is due to airborne particles such as dirt, dust, pollen, smoke, and the decomposition of leaves, pine needle, and other foliage; some or all of which are daily landing there. The buildup of these particles after time can and do begin to hold moisture from the air and rain.

With that being said you may even begin to see Algae, Mold, and Moss starting to grow. As you very well know, all of the afore mentioned are not good for your home. What usually happens
next is that, due to the presence of the excessive moisture,
areas with wood begin to rot.

Typical shingle roofs can also be seen with, algae, moss, and discoloring due to the same factors. Which cause damages to the roof and in turn shorten the life of the roof.

Due to the reasons listed above it is very important to have your home pressure washed on a regular bases. For homes surrounded with dense foliage, high moisture, and high humidity this may require yearly pressure washing. Homes which are not in such extreme moisture conditions can require a couple of years before needing it. Then there is always just certain areas of your: house, deck, carport, driveway, etc., that may need pressure washing in more or less frequent intervals than others.

We'd love to be of assistance to you by taking care of your
pressure washing needs.

We are a local Western North Carolina company
offering personalized service.

Serving: Asheville, Enka, Candler, Canton, Clyde,
Waynesville, Lake Junaluska, Balsam, Sylva, Dillsboro, Webster,
Cullowhee, Cashiers, Sapphire, Highlands, Franklin, Maggie Valley,
Bryson City, Cherokee, and other points in between.

Professional House Painting services are also available.

We appreciate your business,
thanks for giving us a call.



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